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Capt. Mike Manning is one of the premier Boca Grande Tarpon Guides, fishing the big pass, Charlotte Harbor backcounty, the beaches and all the Hill Tides. Fishing 250 days a year, Capt. Mike is a real-deal, full-time fishing captain who specializes in tarpon.

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Why book Mike

You want to be the guy in the photo above, don’t you? Years of Boca Grande tarpon fishing experience guarantees you the best shot of realizing your dream of the perfect tarpon trip. NO BS BOAT rides with Capt. Mike – just pure tarpon action

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You get more

NO SURPRISES with Capt. Mike All charters include the free use of tarpon tackle, free live bait, and there’s always a mate to assist you. If your time and money is important to you, it’s important to choose a professional tarpon specialist like Capt. Mike.

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We’re custom

Rate yourself before your trip: experienced, intermediate or novice angler. Your tarpon charter will be customized just for you. The last thing you want on your trip is to be babied if you know your tarpon, or not get all the help you need if you don’t.

Don't Be That Guy!

Tarpon fishing in the peak of the Boca Grande/Charlotte Harbor season means lots of charter boats carrying clients are on the water. Unfortunately, many of those client-anglers have no idea they made the wrong choice for their charter captain. DON’T BE THAT GUY.

• Don’t be that guy stuck on a boat that doesn’t even have a trolling motor.
• Don’t be that guy on a boat without live crabs in the live well
• Don’t be that guy who booked a captain just because he has a couple of tournament trophies. Charter fishing isn’t tournament fishing, after all.
• Don’t be that guy who fell for the “no-pay-tarpon guarantee.” The guarantee usually is that you will hook or jump a tarpon. It sounds great until you realize your guide stepped down to 30-pound-test leader just to get a bite, but the fish quickly cuts through the leader. My job is to not only find and hook tarpon, but ensure you land one.
• Don’t be that guy who believes the guarantee means your guide will work harder for you because of a guarantee. In fact, it can be just the opposite – he won’t even try. I see it every year when a guarantee guide cancels your trip just because the fishing was a little tough the day before. He’s spooked by his own guarantee and the prospect of giving away a free trip, so you miss out while others who booked with better guides are on the water catching fish.
• Don’t be that guy who booked a guide who only knows one way and one place to catch tarpon. Ask him where he plans to fish, and if he says Boca Grande Pass, ask him what happens if the fish are not there. Can he fish the beach, the harbor, the Hill?
• Don’t be that guy who is embarrassed by his guide, because instead of finding tarpon for his clients, he follows a reputable, fish-catching tarpon guides around in hopes the better guide will lead him to the fish. There is nothing more mortifying for the anglers on the inferior guide’s boat. I know, because I’ve seen it when they follow me.
• Don’t be that guy who books a guide through a booking service. While some booking services feature good tarpon guides, many guides who have trouble booking trips are part of these services. There’s a reason they have trouble booking trips.

Who is Capt. Mike

Capt. Mike is well known and respected by his peers, the industry, the community and within his strong client base. He has been featured on numerous television fishing shows, has been the subject of newspaper articles, and has been a featured guide writer for the Tampa Bay Times.

  • Field consultant for Mercury Outboards, Andros Boats, St. Croix Rods, Berkley Fishing Line, Shimano Reels, Motor Guide Trolling Motors, MirrOlure, and 12 Fathom Jigs.

  • Captain Mike will get you on the fish. He’s known as one of the best Tarpon Fishing guides of all...

  • Featured: Good Day Tampa Bay with Russell Rhodes; Left Coast Fishing National Syndicated Fishing Show; St. Petersburg Times outdoor columnist; Suncoast Fisherman's Guide

  • USCG Captain Licensed and Insured / Member Boca Grande Guides Association / Rotary International Member / Coastal Conservation Association Florida Member

Our Numbers

4,532 tarpon over last 8 season

Tarpon = 4,532

We started tracking our numbers of tarpon jumped in 2010. The numbers prove the incredible fishing in Boca Grande
We started keeping track of our tarpon hookups in 2010.

Our Rates

$750 – 6 hrs You can pay less or you can pay more elsewhere, but you can’t buy a better tarpon charter in Boca Grande
Every trip is different, but we’ve had days with three dozen tarpon jumped.

Smiling Faces =

We’ve lost track of the number of smiling folks (men, women and kids) that have stepped off the boat at the end of the day.
Tarpon fishing creates smiles, forever memories and a sense that you have done something amazing in your life.

A Few Testimonials

A Great Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing History Article

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ALERT: Tarpon are already showing up in the big pass. Get in on the early 2018 action and beat the crowds
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